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What Expenses Can Be Deducted From Rental Income In Malaysia?

Updated: May 16, 2021

So, what are these deductible expenses for rental income? According to LHDN, they include:

✅Assessment tax

✅Quit rent

✅Interest on home loan

✅Fire insurance premium

✅Expenses incurred on rent collection

✅Expenses incurred on rent renewal

✅Expenses on repairs and property maintenance

✅Expenses on replacement costs of furnishings

✅Property service charges, maintenance fees, sinking fund, and Indah Water bills

✅Renewal property agent fees/commission

✅Expenses on pest control

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Rental income expenses which are not deductible are initial expenses. These include:

❎Costs to advertise the property

❎Legal costs in preparing the rental agreement

❎Stamp duty

❎Property agent commission to obtain the first tenant

❎Expenses on renovation and improvement to get higher rental or to be more attractive to potential tenant

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